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The EduKick Edukick UK Football School is designed for competitive international footballers aged 12 and above who want to focus on their football (soccer) development while continuing their education with English, A-Levels, GCSE, International Baccalaureate (IB), International Foundation Program (IFP), and US online self-study. All academy players are also considered for our PRO FOOTBALL TRIAL OPPORTUNITIES in Spain and Portugal (held twice annually).

We were the first and are the most experienced privately established Football and Education Academies Company since 2001. Our institutional motto "Football is Education" explains it all. We teach character building using football as the vehicle to teach invaluable life lessons. Here's how to become an EduKick team member.


UK Football Schools is a new initiative from the team behind UK Football Trials - the world's largest and most trusted football trials company. We receive regular enquiries from players and parents asking for advice on the best boarding schools, UK football schools, International football academies and the best Universities for football in England, for both football development, exposure and education. We understand what a huge decision this is for players and parents, and how, with so much information available, it is hard to know where to start. Fortunately, this is where we can assist! To help players and parents interested in the best boarding football schools, academies and Universities, the team have developed a bespoke service to help parents and players looking to find a top UK boarding school which feature fantastic football programmes as well as excellent academic

programmes. In addition to the boarding schools' services, for people interested in continuing with their studies, as well as progressing within football, we have sourced what we feel is the best private football academy in Europe and the best University for football in the UK.

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  • UK Football Schools was recommended to Jason (father) and his family by another family that UK Football Schools had guided through the process and enrolment into a private boarding school with an excellent football academy. Jason was looking for something similar for his son Luca and made contact with us. Have a listen to what Jason had to say about his experience with UK Football Schools. Luca is now enjoying his time and experience in a recommended private boarding school since January 2021.

    Luca S - 15 Years Old. Thailand

  • Tomasso contacted UK Football Schools with the aim of finding help for him to upgrade his skills to a higher level in the UK. After speaking with UK Football Schools for around a month and having all the families questions answered and all thier doubts put at ease, Tomasso felt ready to join a recommended private boarding school with an excellent football programme. Tomasso is very much looking forward to joining his new school and playing football in the UK from September 2021.

    Tomasso L - 14 Years Old. Italy

  • Francesco has recently been accepted into one of the UK's best private schools for football where he will be starting in September 2021. Here his mum talks about how the family found UK Football Schools and how we helped make this possible.

    Francesco O - 14 Years Old. Italy

  • Chris has recently be accepted into one of the UK's best private schools for football where he will be starting this September, he and his dad talk about their experiences of using UK Football Schools and discuss what they are looking forward to most about coming to the UK.

    Chris R - 16 Years Old. Dubai, UAE