English Lessons + Football

You dream of training in a professional football academy. It would be chance to see how far you could go.

Would you love to improve your English language skills, but also want to be the best football player that you can be? You can do both at IHM Football Academy.

Your confidence whilst speaking English will grow day by day. It feels great to make friends, in English, with other young footballers, just like you, from all over the world. Living, studying and playing football in Manchester, the home of English football, is like a dream come true! At IHM you can take English language classes every morning in our accredited English language school and then join our football coaching sessions with our professionally qualified coaches every afternoon.

IHM Football Academy will help you to be the best player and the best person that you can be:

– Be coached by UEFA qualified coaches

– Earn the chance to trial with Spanish & Portuguese professional clubs

What’s included:

  • 10 hours per week football coaching
  • Match play (subject to availability in the closed season)
  • 15 houurs per week of classroom based English language lessons in-house (International House Manchester (British Council accredited school)
  • Supervised creation of an individual player profile / career cv
  • Entry to “The IHM Coaching Panel” – opportunities for pro club trials, US soccer scholarships, further or higher education
  • IHM kit pack: 2 training kits (shirt, shorts, socks), 1 tracksuit, 1 red polo shirt
  • Gym membership
  • Standard homestay accommodation
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure (Manchester airport)
  • Registration fees

The IHM Coaching Panel

Sitting twice a year, once in December and again in June, our panel will consider the merits of each IHM student player who has:

1 submitted a complete player profile (we will guide you)

2 consistently demonstrated the correct mental attitude and displayed good character at all times

3 engaged in all classroom tasks and activities

4 demonstrated appropriately high football skills and fitness

The Panel will then decide whether to recommend the player attends professional football club trials in Portugal or Spain.

The Panel will consist of the IHM senior coaching team.